Trout Fishing Time

Mark Colonias mini


Trout fishing season has just started in Galicia. It is not new: it happens every year. But every new season makes a difference in daily life of that who love rivers and their residents. And galicia is the country of rivers. In fact, almost all of them are trout rivers. Even some of them are trout, sea trout and salmon rivers… a grand slam not very frequent in Spain. It is good to enjoy a fishing journey: wake up early -if you like it- spend hour after hour pursuing that wild trout that, more and more, are released back alive by Law, to keep on breeding there more and more trout. But what is really a pleasure if you live or spend some time in Galicia, is to be able to choose not only a day, but the perfect moment to go out and try your luck, enjoy yourself just for a while, two or three hours are enough…

As Norman Maclean wrote in his novel A River Runs Through It, later an Oscar winning movie, “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” In Galicia, there is always a river running close to you.