And not only wine…

Galician beers “1906”, from Estrella de Galicia, are among the best in the world.

It is already known that Galician water is special. And that Galicians know how to transform it into wonderful things. To eat and to drink. And it is not by magic: it is knowing how to do every step of the process well and work hard. And of course, everyone recognizes it.

World Beer Challenge, much more than a contest.

Only the best beers enter here. And in this edition of 2019, “The 1906 family of beers maintains its position in the best beers in the world”, by obtaining two gold and one silver medal, “in the World Beer Challenge. Thus, it does not only validate its previous editions positions, but it scales positions in this ranking of British beers of international prestige that annually analyzes and scores hundreds of references. ”

But there is more …

“In recent times, the 1906 family has accumulated a list of 65 awards, including the Superior Taste Awards, the Monde Selection, the Craft Beer Awards, the International Beer Challenge or the World Beer Awards.”

Three trendsetting Galicians.

“The company assures that they surpass the almost five hundred brands of beer from all over the world that are presented to this contest in which they are evaluated in their quality and taste by experts of different nationalities. This distinction has highlighted 1906 Red Vintage by” their unique character, with subtle notes of caramel and coffee that lead to floral aromas reminiscent of hops. “

In the case of 1906 Reserva Especial, its unique flavour of intense bitterness and balance has been awarded having a white foam of high persistence that remains in the glass throughout the consumption. Apart from these two, the dark lager 1906 Black Coupage beer, which has recently been added to the range, has won a silver medal with 94 points out of one hundred. “

The jury recognizes “its roasted aromas, a pronounced and prolonged bitterness in the mouth nuanced by subtle smoky notes, woody with memories of liquorice and cocoa.”

If we add to these quality demonstrations the latest scientific findings that confirm that brewing waste helps clean nitrates from river water, one of its main pollutants, we have no choice but to drink beer this summer. Of course, in moderation, please.