“Betting on the rehabilitation of abandoned homes is a bet for the future”. Mark Adkinson

Extract of the article appeared in the newspaper EL ECONOMISTA on 03.29.2019

Galician Country Homes is another that recently jumped to the press because it put on sale an abandoned Galician village on the beach by 312,000 euros. A set of five buildings that add about 600 square meters and that rise on a farm of eight hectares.


Mark Adkinson, owner of Galician Country Homes, confirms to El Economista that foreigners are the ones who have more interest in acquiring abandoned rural properties. The truth, approximately 70% of its customers are. Adkinson explains that the main reason for buying is to get away from the pollution and stress of the big city. The truth is that the depopulation of the environment is a problem for the city: “90% of the population will focus on large urban environments, which will cause tensions of all kinds such as the increase in the price of housing or the problem of transport. solutions involve the whole territory, it is not a problem for the people, it is a problem that affects Spain as a country, ” explained Isaura Leal.

Mark Adkinson the founder of Galician Country Homes

The founder of Galician Country Homes also explains that betting on the rehabilitation of abandoned homes is a bet for the future. Currently, he has located a total of 400 villages or housing units that could be rehabilitated. The problem, he confesses, is to find the owners of those properties to buy them and begin their rehabilitation, which Adkinson figures at around 500 euros per square meter.

The data of depopulation

The problem of depopulation in Spain is on the political agenda since the Conference of Presidents at the beginning of 2017, which marked a before and an after in the Government’s commitment to end the agony suffered by the rural environment.

The sold village

The president of the Executive, Pedro Sanchez, claimed on Tuesday that tourism and innovation are solutions to stop depopulation and announced that on Friday the Council of Ministers will approve the guidelines of the National Strategy against the demographic challenge. An announcement that takes place two days before the demonstration ‘La Revuelta de la España Vaciada’, which has been convened in Madrid for this Sunday to denounce the abandonment of rural areas.

Abandoned village for sale

Beyond the agenda, the data show the obvious bleeding suffered by the rural environment. The maps offered by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function and the National Institute of Statistics (INE) indicate that 90% of the population lives in 30% of the territory, specifically in Madrid and the coastal areas. A problem that is increased by the high life expectancy of the Spanish. In fact, according to the Population projections 2018, published by the INE, Spain will have in the year 2033 with 49 million inhabitants, of which one in four will be 65 years old or more. In addition, today, of the 8,124 municipalities that Spain has, 2,627 have between 101 and 500 inhabitants. And 1,360 are those that have less than 101 inhabitants. A trend that is increasing, because only a year ago were 1,319, three ago 1,238 and ten ago, 1,036.