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  Welcome to the first blog post from our new website! We are very excited to bring you not just easy to access information about our wide range of houses, but also news and information about Galicia and the Galician way of life. We have a passion for Galicia – its unsurpassed natural beauty, the relaxed Galician lifestyle – close to nature but rich in tradition. Galicia offers something for everyone – gastronomy, fishing, sports, outdoor activities of all sorts, art, history, and of course, the world heritage routes of the Camino de Santiago. In our blog you can read about what is happening, what is new and if...

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Chestnuts to celebrate the fall of the Autumn fruit At this time of the year, at almost every home, and at public schools throughout Galicia, MAGOSTO is the celebration. A season ends but its fruits are given to us as a present.The tender, chestnut delicate flavoured as fire toasts its peel and flesh. In Galicia, Nature is always present and any changes are good to celebrate. Chestnut gathering

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View from Monte Branco (White Mountain) Water is an important part of Galician identity. You are never far from the coast. Here you will never walk far without finding a stream, a brook or a large river. They are live waters that irrigate 300 millions trees. That feed vegetables and pasture for the farm animals, famous for their meat since Roman times. And in the sea a generous biodiversity gives us fish and shellfish difficult to find with such high quality and variety in the rest of Europe. Let our live waters splash you. XIV century stone bridge over River...

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Penas de Rodas, where the sun gets though the stones one single  day every year. There are many ways in Galicia to reach the spirit, or -if you want- the forgotten knowledge of the distant past. The most popular is Saint James's Way (Camino de Santiago), but it is a modern one: it only has some 1.000 years of age.  But before that, who did put this tremendous rocks on top of the other even bigger? What did they do around there? The Romans came later, but this rocks were there many years before Augustus founded Lucus Augusti (25 b.c.)....

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Gothic and flowers. It's any morning in any of the Galician cities . Walking down the street, just around any corner, you stumble upon a sight that you find unusual : almost millenary stone Gothic arches next to the fragrant , tender and colorful freshness of flowers. An everyday image, natural, eternal coexistence: something that does not change. And that other changing only in a few hours. Pure Galician lifestyle.

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Tosta de Otouno Photo © http://www.tabernadolabrego.com/ It is a combination of grelos cream (a bitter-sweet vegetable, very common in Galician cooking) and  pork knuckle cooked in Ribeira Sacra wine, all over a wheat bread toast. And above all, a roasted chestnut and different red and black forest fruit. It is called Tosta de Otouno, and it is served warm over a slate plate. This Autumn delight costs just 1,50€. You can find this kind of tapas in many bars and cafeterias all around Galicia. This one was enjoyed at Taberna do Labrego, just in the Camino de Santiago.

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