C/Jose Pardo, 25
27370 Rabade (Lugo)

Let’s go to the fair!

  This is a country that still has strong agricultural and livestock producing roots, so the fair is the genuine market for the farmers. They existed long before the large commercial centers, the stock markets and the general stores. The markets are held in the open air and have old fashioned flavors, medieval, comparable to the most traditional fairground food pulpo a feira, that with a good glass of wine helps one to continue through the fair looking for opportunities, haggling prices and seeing natural life and people in front of your eyes. We have fairs in almost all the...

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Gothic and flowers. It's any morning in any of the Galician cities . Walking down the street, just around any corner, you stumble upon a sight that you find unusual : almost millenary stone Gothic arches next to the fragrant , tender and colorful freshness of flowers. An everyday image, natural, eternal coexistence: something that does not change. And that other changing only in a few hours. Pure Galician lifestyle.

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Tosta de Otouno Photo © http://www.tabernadolabrego.com/ It is a combination of grelos cream (a bitter-sweet vegetable, very common in Galician cooking) and  pork knuckle cooked in Ribeira Sacra wine, all over a wheat bread toast. And above all, a roasted chestnut and different red and black forest fruit. It is called Tosta de Otouno, and it is served warm over a slate plate. This Autumn delight costs just 1,50€. You can find this kind of tapas in many bars and cafeterias all around Galicia. This one was enjoyed at Taberna do Labrego, just in the Camino de Santiago.

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