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Xacobeo 2021/22 A celebration of the spirit of Galicia

Xacobeo 2021

    More than a decade waiting and it has finally arrived. Xacobeo 2021, the third of this 21st century. Only 14 times each century. To join the celebration, the Xunta de Galicia has developed this video which is a celebration of the spirit of Galicia. It is not a tourist or commercial video, not even a religious one: it is pure joy and feeling of living this wonderful land. With music and artists from all over the world. With poems. With testimonies of all kinds. And, above all, with wonderful images of Galicia. In Galician Country Homes we join...

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Tosta de Otouno Photo © http://www.tabernadolabrego.com/ It is a combination of grelos cream (a bitter-sweet vegetable, very common in Galician cooking) and  pork knuckle cooked in Ribeira Sacra wine, all over a wheat bread toast. And above all, a roasted chestnut and different red and black forest fruit. It is called Tosta de Otouno, and it is served warm over a slate plate. This Autumn delight costs just 1,50€. You can find this kind of tapas in many bars and cafeterias all around Galicia. This one was enjoyed at Taberna do Labrego, just in the Camino de Santiago.

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