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Xacobeo 2021/22 A celebration of the spirit of Galicia

Xacobeo 2021

    More than a decade waiting and it has finally arrived. Xacobeo 2021, the third of this 21st century. Only 14 times each century. To join the celebration, the Xunta de Galicia has developed this video which is a celebration of the spirit of Galicia. It is not a tourist or commercial video, not even a religious one: it is pure joy and feeling of living this wonderful land. With music and artists from all over the world. With poems. With testimonies of all kinds. And, above all, with wonderful images of Galicia. In Galician Country Homes we join...

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Residency in Spain: new rules

Earth globe

Find out everything in this article With the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union and other international circumstances, the conditions for residing in Spain as a foreigner have varied, with new requirements depending on the type of residence requested and the personal and professional conditions of the applicant. Below you will find all the information in this regard offered by the Government of Spain. 1. NON-PROFIT RESIDENCE WITH NO GAINFUL ACTIVITY REQUIREMENTS Not being a citizen of a State of the European Union, the European Economic Area European Union or Switzerland, or family members of citizens of...

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Brexit: survival guide

Article published today in expansion.com Many of our clients are restless about what will happen to them after today, January 31, 2020, when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. We publish here an excerpt from the excellent article appeared today in the prestigious Spanish economic newspaper Expansión. London embodies the Schrödinger paradox thanks to a Withdrawal Agreement initialled with the European Union that includes a transition period until December 2020 (at least). The countdown has begun, and eleven months is the courtesy that Brussels and the United Kingdom extended to each other in negotiating their future relationship. A highly...

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“Betting on the rehabilitation of abandoned homes is a bet for the future”. Mark Adkinson

Extract of the article appeared in the newspaper EL ECONOMISTA on 03.29.2019 Galician Country Homes is another that recently jumped to the press because it put on sale an abandoned Galician village on the beach by 312,000 euros. A set of five buildings that add about 600 square meters and that rise on a farm of eight hectares.   Mark Adkinson, owner of Galician Country Homes, confirms to El Economista that foreigners are the ones who have more interest in acquiring abandoned rural properties. The truth, approximately 70% of its customers are. Adkinson explains that the main reason for buying...

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“Galicia is a different Spain”

  The British Association of Travel Agents (ABTA) has included Galicia as one of the twelve most amazing and impressive destinations for the year 2019. And the closest of all to the United Kingdom. Among the many perceptions of Mr Sean Tripton, spokesperson for ABTA, there are some that fit perfectly in the spirit of this blog: "Galicia is not Scotland, but another Celtic land, in the north of Spain, where you can find the best seafood in the country ...   We chose places for different reasons, but in the choice of Galicia, the main one is that it is a...

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Some of our clients ask us for legal advice when buying a property in Galicia. They even ask for a trusted lawyer to advise them. Our answer is always the same, "Go to the notary who wants, always advise you in an impartial way, legally safe and free. In Galicia, there are several who can do all this in English." For this reason, today we left a bit of the usual theme of this blog: Galicia and the Galician way of life. We believe that this issue is interesting for most people who come from all over the world to...

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