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  How do mysteries, secrets, originate? In itself it is something mysterious. And it seems that the inhabitants of Galicia, however, know it well. These are the keys revealed by THE TELEGRAPH newspaper in its digital edition, through the excellent article, The spectacular Spanish region that the British haven't discovered by Annie Benett, which appeared on March 17th. “Galicia is one of those places where people live very well indeed but don’t really feel the need to shout about it – which might explain why, despite being a popular holiday destination for Spaniards, relatively few Britons make it there. In...

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Xacobeo 2021/22 A celebration of the spirit of Galicia

Xacobeo 2021

    More than a decade waiting and it has finally arrived. Xacobeo 2021, the third of this 21st century. Only 14 times each century. To join the celebration, the Xunta de Galicia has developed this video which is a celebration of the spirit of Galicia. It is not a tourist or commercial video, not even a religious one: it is pure joy and feeling of living this wonderful land. With music and artists from all over the world. With poems. With testimonies of all kinds. And, above all, with wonderful images of Galicia. In Galician Country Homes we join...

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  A living and wild being that represents the quality, the life of those waters: the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). And it not only represents it, but is a perfect scientific indicator of the level of purity of the rivers by which it come up, coming from the sea to spawn. Including Galician rivers, like Eo River a natural border between Galicia and Asturias. This photograph, taken on last day of 2016, shows a dozen salmon going upstream in River Eo as it passes though Pontenova, Lugo.  This means that the kings of the river are back, as every year, in the most...

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                          Romans planted the vineyards thousands of years ago. Since then, the River Sil Canyon takes care of their green properties without rest. Since then, people of Ribeira Sacra, in the South of Galicia, practices an incredible way of producing wine: heroic viticulture is the official name in all the world. And in this area of Galicia it has the qualification of being the most risky of all. Working on more than 30% slopes. No machinery, not even animals to help. Hours of selecting grapes and carrying them on...

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Let’s go to the fair!

  This is a country that still has strong agricultural and livestock producing roots, so the fair is the genuine market for the farmers. They existed long before the large commercial centers, the stock markets and the general stores. The markets are held in the open air and have old fashioned flavors, medieval, comparable to the most traditional fairground food pulpo a feira, that with a good glass of wine helps one to continue through the fair looking for opportunities, haggling prices and seeing natural life and people in front of your eyes. We have fairs in almost all the...

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Second to none in nature enjoyment. Full of surprises. Contrasts. The secret and natural life of Galicia, its genuine spirit, runs alongside these roads like veins in a living body made of earth and water. Use them as much as you can.

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Trout Fishing Time

  Trout fishing season has just started in Galicia. It is not new: it happens every year. But every new season makes a difference in daily life of that who love rivers and their residents. And galicia is the country of rivers. In fact, almost all of them are trout rivers. Even some of them are trout, sea trout and salmon rivers... a grand slam not very frequent in Spain. It is good to enjoy a fishing journey: wake up early -if you like it- spend hour after hour pursuing that wild trout that, more and more, are released back alive...

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View from Monte Branco (White Mountain) Water is an important part of Galician identity. You are never far from the coast. Here you will never walk far without finding a stream, a brook or a large river. They are live waters that irrigate 300 millions trees. That feed vegetables and pasture for the farm animals, famous for their meat since Roman times. And in the sea a generous biodiversity gives us fish and shellfish difficult to find with such high quality and variety in the rest of Europe. Let our live waters splash you. XIV century stone bridge over River...

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Penas de Rodas, where the sun gets though the stones one single  day every year. There are many ways in Galicia to reach the spirit, or -if you want- the forgotten knowledge of the distant past. The most popular is Saint James's Way (Camino de Santiago), but it is a modern one: it only has some 1.000 years of age.  But before that, who did put this tremendous rocks on top of the other even bigger? What did they do around there? The Romans came later, but this rocks were there many years before Augustus founded Lucus Augusti (25 b.c.)....

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