C/Jose Pardo, 25
27370 Rabade (Lugo)

“Betting on the rehabilitation of abandoned homes is a bet for the future”. Mark Adkinson

Extract of the article appeared in the newspaper EL ECONOMISTA on 03.29.2019 Galician Country Homes is another that recently jumped to the press because it put on sale an abandoned Galician village on the beach by 312,000 euros. A set of five buildings that add about 600 square meters and that rise on a farm of eight hectares.   Mark Adkinson, owner of Galician Country Homes, confirms to El Economista that foreigners are the ones who have more interest in acquiring abandoned rural properties. The truth, approximately 70% of its customers are. Adkinson explains that the main reason for buying...

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  Welcome to the first blog post from our new website! We are very excited to bring you not just easy to access information about our wide range of houses, but also news and information about Galicia and the Galician way of life. We have a passion for Galicia – its unsurpassed natural beauty, the relaxed Galician lifestyle – close to nature but rich in tradition. Galicia offers something for everyone – gastronomy, fishing, sports, outdoor activities of all sorts, art, history, and of course, the world heritage routes of the Camino de Santiago. In our blog you can read about what is happening, what is new and if...

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Chestnuts to celebrate the fall of the Autumn fruit At this time of the year, at almost every home, and at public schools throughout Galicia, MAGOSTO is the celebration. A season ends but its fruits are given to us as a present.The tender, chestnut delicate flavoured as fire toasts its peel and flesh. In Galicia, Nature is always present and any changes are good to celebrate. Chestnut gathering

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