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And not only wine…

Galician beers "1906", from Estrella de Galicia, are among the best in the world. It is already known that Galician water is special. And that Galicians know how to transform it into wonderful things. To eat and to drink. And it is not by magic: it is knowing how to do every step of the process well and work hard. And of course, everyone recognizes it. World Beer Challenge, much more than a contest. Only the best beers enter here. And in this edition of 2019, "The 1906 family of beers maintains its position in the best beers in the...

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Tosta de Otouno Photo © http://www.tabernadolabrego.com/ It is a combination of grelos cream (a bitter-sweet vegetable, very common in Galician cooking) and  pork knuckle cooked in Ribeira Sacra wine, all over a wheat bread toast. And above all, a roasted chestnut and different red and black forest fruit. It is called Tosta de Otouno, and it is served warm over a slate plate. This Autumn delight costs just 1,50€. You can find this kind of tapas in many bars and cafeterias all around Galicia. This one was enjoyed at Taberna do Labrego, just in the Camino de Santiago.

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