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Galicia, a land of water and wine…

It is not just rivers, green meadows and leafy forests, rocky shores and endless beaches. Galicia is also a gastronomic culture that has been appreciated for thousands of years. Its natural conditions lend themselves to the cultivation or growth of vegetable and animal species that are highly valued at the table, from the Romans to our days. Today we bring to this window of the natural life of Galicia one of the Galician elements with more strength and development inside and outside Spain: the wines of Galicia. Following this link, you will find a Galician liquid delicacy. ©Photo: https://www.galiciaenvinos.es/

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                          Romans planted the vineyards thousands of years ago. Since then, the River Sil Canyon takes care of their green properties without rest. Since then, people of Ribeira Sacra, in the South of Galicia, practices an incredible way of producing wine: heroic viticulture is the official name in all the world. And in this area of Galicia it has the qualification of being the most risky of all. Working on more than 30% slopes. No machinery, not even animals to help. Hours of selecting grapes and carrying them on...

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