“Galicia is a different Spain”


The British Association of Travel Agents (ABTA) has included Galicia as one of the twelve most amazing and impressive destinations for the year 2019. And the closest of all to the United Kingdom.

Among the many perceptions of Mr Sean Tripton, spokesperson for ABTA, there are some that fit perfectly in the spirit of this blog: “Galicia is not Scotland, but another Celtic land, in the north of Spain, where you can find the best seafood in the country …


We chose places for different reasons, but in the choice of Galicia, the main one is that it is a beautiful place, with great cities, incredible landscapes and good food. Galicia is not well known in the United Kingdom. Some 40 million tourists from the United Kingdom travel to Spain but go to the Costa del Sol, Mallorca or Barcelona … Galicia is a different Spain … Our intention is to inspire them to be more adventurous and go to other parts of the Peninsula, and Galicia has great cities, excellent food and also has an intriguing atmosphere, very British in some way, with bagpipes and weather, but it is not British … ”


We can only add that more than 300,000 Britons are already residents in Spain. And increasingly, in Galicia.