Romans planted the vineyards thousands of years ago. Since then, the River Sil Canyon takes care of their green properties without rest. Since then, people of Ribeira Sacra, in the South of Galicia, practices an incredible way of producing wine: heroic viticulture is the official name in all the world. And in this area of Galicia it has the qualification of being the most risky of all. Working on more than 30% slopes. No machinery, not even animals to help. Hours of selecting grapes and carrying them on to top of the hill everyday. But the results deserve this effort.

There are only a few brave cellars that produce a limited amount of different varieties of wine every season, but this bottles climb up to the top… of fame.

REGINA VIARIUM was selected among all gold winners as the best mencia grape red wine of Spain at The International Wine Challenge in London 2013, among 12000 different wines in show. This is primum inter pares, but there are many more varieties:

Reds – Brancellao, Merenzao, Sousón, Caíño, Tinto and Tempranillo.

White wines – Godello, Albariño, Loureira, Treixadura,  Dona Branca, and Torrontes. 

Come and be a hero.


Heroic 1