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768 Two houses for sale in the same plot



50.000 35.000

One is brick built and is basically habitable…The other is in stone and needs restoration. Total footprint including both houses, 346 m2. The land plot is about 1553 m2.

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Family owned State Agency 2018 - BUILD 2018 Real Estate and Property Awards Winner


One is brick and is habitable in a simple style. It has an area of 154 m2 per floor. In total 208 m2. The other is a stone house/cellar and needs renovation. It has an approximate area of 69 m2 for each of the two floors. In total 138 m2. Therefore, between the two houses, we achieve a total built area of approximately 346 m2.

The brick house has a new roof, double windows and central heating; all rooms are on the top floor: 4 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and living room. The land plot is about 1,553 m2.


Additional information


1 bathroom


4 bedrooms

State of repair

Restoring is optional, To restore



Land plot

1.001-2.000 m2 land plot


2 floors

Living rooms

1 living/dining rooms

Property type

Rural house


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