C/Jose Pardo, 25
27370 Rabade (Lugo)

979 Large manor house, 7 km from Lugo



180.000 150.000

It is located 7 km from Lugo capital, and just 2.5 km from the A6 towards Madrid. It is on a plot of 2.000 m2. The manor proper, which is the main building, has three floors of 190 m2 each. It has been dismantled leaving the main beams. It has built a small building (guests house), very comfortable, to live while the reconstruction work takes place. There is also a 60 m2 barn that could have two floors. The total constructed area is more than 850 m2. All buildings roofs have been re-engineered to a high standard.


This manor house was built with a defensive wall around it, 200 years ago approximately. It is situated within 7 km from Lugo city and only 2.5 km from A6 highway towards Madrid.   It is in a 2000 m2 plot of land which contains:   The manor house itself which has three floors of 190 m2 each.  The house has been gutted leaving the main beams. A small building that has been made very comfortable to live in while the work is being done. A 60 m2 barn that could have two floors An inside patio where the main gate enters the compound , the patio is partially roofed and where the bread oven is situated. An enormous “eira” or threshing area.   Within the compound are chestnuts, walnut, fig , fruit trees and vines. All the buildings  have been reroofed to a very high standard The whole property is absolutely private having high walls and it is situated higher than the nearest  neighbors. The built up area adds up to more than 850m2 It is in an area beautiful area where there are a tremendous number of fruit trees. Due to its size, accessibility and other features, this beautiful manor house can be converted into an exceptional home for a large family; A tourist business of different types in the middle of a Community that bets to promote itself in this sector; A residence for different types of communities or a training center of artistic, business, spiritual type … Any project has room in this large manor house that now offers the opportunity to adapt its interior to the purpose that its new owner wishes.

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1.001-2.000 m2 land plot

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