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992 Medieval tower close to coast



364.000 310.000

In the Mariña Lucense. 405 m2 built. 2,000 m2 urban land, buildable. Construction of the XV Century respected to the maximum. 3 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms. External buildings. Possible hotel. Perfect location in the middle of natural sites and cultural enclaves of the first order.


6 km from the north coast of Lugo, in the vicinity of Foz, is this medieval tower of feudal origin, located in the natural landscape of the Ouro River Valley. Please watch the video at the end of this text.

The construction, built on an urban plot of 2,000 m2, which was traditionally called Chousa da Torre, dates from the early fifteenth century (probably belonged to the heritage of the Moscoso family, Counts of Altamira). The analysis of the carbon 14 made by the Higher Center for Scientific Research (CSIC) on the age of the oak beams incorporated into the original belt of the building, determine it around the year 1290 as the date of planting, until 1410, as the date of cut. Therefore, the age of the building is 600 years.


The main building, the tower, retains all its original structure, in the style of the late Middle Ages, with the edges, windows and original granite door and stone walls of 70 cm thick.

In the process of rehabilitation, care has been taken not to alter the original character of the tower house, using chestnut woods, granite, marble and stained glass, building in its south-east part of the ground floor, where there were attached blocks and alpendres, a complementary building, with front folding doors, screens on the roofs of slates and side windows.


1 .- Dimensions of the buildings: 405 m2



A / – Main Building of the House-Tower: 342 m2

– Ground floor and annex, with two living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, fireplace and toilets: 158 m2

– First Floor with distributor, 3 bedrooms, main balcony and bathroom: 83 m2. In addition to the terrace facing the medieval arch door: 20 m2.

– Second Floor: dedicated to music and reading room a diaphanous room: 81 m2

B / – Complementary buildings: 63 m2.

Barn, gazebo, hórreo and traditional well



2.- Finca-Garden



Being an urban plot of the traditional rural core, the house has all the common municipal services: electricity network, municipal water, garbage collection, mail, telephone lines, etc. Independently of this, it also has a traditional well 22 meters deep, with water analyzed and qualified as potable by the corresponding institute in La Coruña.

The entire farm is limited, in its eastern part by a fence, with metal poles and vine plants. In its southern and western part, surrounding the buildings, with masonry wall of 50 cm. wide, which incorporates sliding metal door for vehicle access. The rest of the western and northern limits is planted with hydrangeas

The character of the plot of a traditional rural nucleus of the farm, together with the applicable regulations, allows the farm to be segregated into different building plots of 600 m2 surface.


3.- Location


The location of the house and farm in the Mariña Central de Lugo.  This allows easy access to any place in the western Cantabrian Sea. From the west of Asturias, Ría de Ribadeo, (36 km.). To the Cape of Estaca de Bares ( to 58 km.) The big cities are also communicated by highways: Lugo at 1 hour; and Coruña, Santiago and Oviedo at 1.5 hours.

The rural core of which the farm is part has seven resident families. They were dedicated to agricultural and livestock work. In addition to several rural buildings in stone and slate.

Therefore, it is not a vacation home to use, summer or beaches, although the closest is 6 km. and in a radius of 30 km are the most spectacular beaches of the Cantabrian Sea (Los Castros, Esteiro, Las Catedrales, Benquerencia, Barreiros, Rapadoira, Llas, Areoura, San Cibrao, Area – Viveiro, Xilloi, Porto de Bares)

It is a unique House-Tower to be lived at any time of the year, of a unique historical value, built in granite and stone 80 years before the discovery of America.

It is a residence especially suitable for those who seek and need tranquillity (writers, artists, naturalists …) gardening enthusiasts, horticulture, horse breeding or similar, since they can build complementary facilities such as nurseries, stables, etc. Equally it is susceptible to be destined to hotel business as it is able to extend its development with rural apartments.


The environment


-Monuments historical-artistic:


Cathedral-Basilica of San Martiño (Centuries IX – XII)

City of Mondoñedo

Lourenzá Monastery

Castle of Castrodouro,

Fortress of La Fruxeira

Meira Monastery


-Fishing and sport ports:









-Natural spaces:


Natural site of the Ouro River

Sierra do Xistral

Cascadas de Onza, Ferida and Escouridal

Finca Galea

Soto da Retorta

Additional information


2 bathrooms

State of repair

To live in


Close to the coast


Horreo, Lumber room

Land plot

1.001-2.000 m2 land plot


3 floors

Living rooms

3 living/dining rooms

Property type

Urban house


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