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Beautiful stone house located in a spectacular village,1331

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700 m2


Precioso caserón de piedra situado en una espectacular aldea

Precioso caserón de piedra situado en una espectacular aldea, donde tendremos como vecinos un majestuoso Pazo y varias grandes casas como la que tenemos a la venta, formando una aldea de cuento. La construcción de la casa es toda en piedra, madera y teja y su estructura se encuentra perfectamente conservada tanto sus paredes como el tejado, en su interior necesita una reforma integral aprovechando así para poder cambiar su distribución interior para ponerla más acogedora y mejor distribuida. En la actualidad en la planta baja tenemos una cocina y varias antiguas cuadras además de una bodega, también tenemos el acceso a un patio interior donde se encuentra un gran alpendre y una escalera de piedra con acceso a la planta alta de la casa


Beautiful stone house located in a spectacular village, where we will have as neighbours a majestic Pazo (stately home)and several large houses like the one we have for sale, which form a fairytale village. The construction of the house is all in stone, wood and tiles and its structure is perfectly preserved, both the walls and the roof. Inside it needs a complete renovation, thus taking advantage of the opportunity to change its interior layout to make it more welcoming and better distributed. Currently on the ground floor we have a kitchen and several old stables as well as a cellar, we also have access to an inner courtyard where there is a large barn and a stone staircase with access to the upper floor of the house we also have a large gateway to the outside, it is worth noting this courtyard its large wood oven, laundry, A water trough for livestock and large columns that hold the roof, we also have a cover that gives us access to another large courtyard where we receive a spectacular hórreo, and a perfectly preserved threshing area with a huge flat flagstones, in this part we have another great barn as a garage Returning to the house and going up to the first floor we find a very large hall from where we can access a stately dining room, four bedrooms, and a gallery overlooking the inner courtyard and where there is a bathroom. Visiting this property we realise that in the past it must have been a large farmhouse and belonged to a very wealthy family, as its large size, the number of stables and its meticulous construction were not common in the area. Another thing to highlight about this property is its privileged location, as it is located in the Ulloa region, 6 km from Antas de Ulla, 11 km from Palas de Rei, only 65 km from Santiago de Compostela and just 50 km from Lugo, and all surrounded by nature in a great natural paradise such as the Ulloa region, with its ancient forests and rivers where the Ulla river runs through , which gives its name to the region.


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Additional information


1 bathroom


4 bedrooms

State of repair

To restore


proximo al río, Interior


2 floors

Living rooms

1 living/dining rooms

Property type

Mansion, Caserío, Urban house


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