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Marvelous modern chalet in Cee, 1021

ID: 1021

2000 m2


Extraordinary location Spacious, modern, sunny, well  insulated and with excellent connections to roads and privileged views from the top. 3 minutes by car from the beaches by fast road. On a plot very close to 2,000 m2, the house offers approximately 400 m2. Four rooms. Four bathrooms. All the amenities.. Very comfortable. Furnished.


At the inner end of the Corcubion Estuary is Cee. And this house is in the municipio de Cee, built in 2010, with all the comforts a family may need. Spacious, modern, sunny, well  insulated and with excellent connections to roads and privileged views from the top.

3 minutes by car from the beaches by fast road.  Supermarkets in a radius of 1-2km. The town of Cee is 5 km away. (hospital-schools-cinemas-shopping center, etc.) The school bus stops at the door of the house.


On a land plot very close to 2,000 m2, (1/2 acre) this is the distribution of the 400 m2: built up area

On the ground floor: Fully equipped kitchen with design furniture, with Silestone pendant and dinette with exit to the garden. Large windows and doors with fly net. Separate storage room for freezer and cleaning supplies.

Separated by a slope in the same ground floor of 5 steps: living-room with fireplace and library with sliding doors. Continuous balcony with double reinforced glass. Ideal to enjoy the views on summer evenings.

Master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, jacuzzi 1,5 places, dressing room and pre-bathroom. Another double room with bathroom shared with the rest of the floor.

Upstairs: 2 bedrooms with a shared bathroom in the middle with roof type attic and Velux. Stairs with steel railings and reinforced glass.

Underground: garage level for 2 cars with remote control and bathroom.

Multi-use room: 40m2 with air conditioning.

It also has: laundry room with space for ironing, installed large washing machine and dryer and independent patio. Tool room / workshop: 60 m2 with woodstore.

Alarm connected to the central Securitas Direct. Running water service and garbage collection.

All the bedrooms have East orientation, laminate floors finished in wood, custom placards and low consumption electric heating.

The furniture is included in the price.

The area: 

Together with the Atlantic Ocean and very close to the End of the Earth (Finisterrae-Finisterre-Fisterra) of the Romans, there is the Villa de Cee, the nerve center of services on the Costa da Morte. Located 94 kilometers from the city of A Coruña and 74 kilometers from Santiago de Compostela, Cee has become a reference enclave in the center-west area of the province of A Coruña.

The territory of Cee overlooks the sea through three fragments of coastline: the Lires estuary in the northwest, the Estorde beach in the Fisterra inlet and, from Cee itself, to the O Ezaro inlet.

Cee is an essential point on the Camino de Santiago to Finisterre since, belonging to the last section of it, it offers the entrance to the sea to the pilgrim. From the Alto de San Pedro Mártir, in the Pereiriña parish, the walkers see the sea for the first time since leaving the Cathedral.

At present, Cee offers the tranquility and comforts of a town accompanied by the services of any city. In the last decades, the Ceenan urban nucleus has experienced a very important growth in terms of the provision of public services. If, initially, it was the educational aspect, with the construction of primary and secondary schools, the driver of the growth of the town, in the eighties and nineties, improvements in health and administration would continue the process. Now, the world of culture and leisure, with a series of important infrastructures, are responsible for the completion of the urbanization of a new Cee, which offers its neighbors and visitors multiple alternatives in the health, commercial, educational, cultural and leisure.

Additional information


4 bathrooms


4 bedrooms

State of repair

To live in




Lumber room

Land plot

1.001-2.000 m2 land plot


2 floors

Living rooms

3 living/dining rooms

Property type

Rural house


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