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House to restore and 7 ha of land. Ribeira Sacra 1157


La vivienda se encuentra a unos 5 km del pueblo de Castro de Carballedo, Lugo. Y a unos 15 de Chantada, ambos con todos los servicios necesarios. La casa, de piedra y con dos plantas, tiene 142 m2 de superficie. El tejado es de teja. La finca donde se encuentra esta casa de piedra a reformar tiene 3.373 m2. La propiedad tiene también fosa séptica. En el mismo precio de esta propiedad se incluyen dos fincas. La mayor de ellas, de 63.000 m2, enfrente de la casa. Esto supone un total de terreno incluido en este magnífico precio de cerca de 70.000 m2 más el total de edificaciones de la propiedad. Castro de Carballedo está en la Ribeira Sacra, a unos 10 km del embalse de Os Peares.


In a village in the parish of Carballedo, is this house to restore. The house is located about 5 km from the town of Castro de Carballedo, Lugo. And about 15 km from Chantada, both with all the necessary services. The environment is very quiet and clean, an ideal place to connect with nature.



This house, of stone and with two floors, has 142 m2 of a surface. The roof is made of tile. The lower floor is dedicated to the warehouse. On the top floor was where family life was once used to be. We found the kitchen, the bedrooms and the bathroom. Right in front of the house is a shed that was dedicated to the barn. It also has a woodshed.


The land

The land where this stone house to restore is, has 3,373 m2. Behind the house, there is a brick barn of 84 m2. There is also a shed of 46 m2. In this farm, there is a well. You only need a pump to work. The property also has a septic tank. Two land plots are included in the same price of this property. The largest of them, 63,000 m2, in front of the house. This supposes a total of land included in this magnificent price of about 70,000 m2 plus the total buildings of the property.



Castro de Carballedo is in the Ribeira Sacra, about 10 km from the Os Peares reservoir. Ribeira Sacra could be defined as one of the best-kept secrets of the interior Galicia. This destination is made up of a group of twenty-one municipalities in the south of the province of Lugo and the north of the province of Ourense, with the river course of the Miño, Sil and Cabe rivers as a common element. It offers a wide variety of recreational and gastronomic experiences, and a tremendous range of high quality local products distinguished with guarantee brands of their origin.

Wine is the hallmark of this privileged area of ​​Galicia. The production of this drink, as well as the cultivation of the vine, was introduced by the Roman colonizers in these lands more than two thousand years ago. Subsequently, it was the Christian monks who took over this activity and today its production remains the economic engine of the region.

In the winemaking, the grape varieties godello, albariño and treixadura stand out for white wines and mencía, brecellao and merenzao for the reds. They are mainly young wines, although reserve wines are also produced.

Wine lovers in Ribeira Sacra have a paradise to take advantage of, as they can take guided tours of wineries, make wine tastings and learn about the production of the wines. There are also places like the Monforte Wine Museum or the Vinobus, which offer other ways to get closer to this world.

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Additional information


1 bathroom


3 dormitorios

State of repair

To restore




Horreo, Lumber room

Land plot

More than 10.000 m2 land plot


2 floors

Living rooms

1 living/dining rooms

Property type

Rural house


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