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Ideal town house in centre of Mondoñedo.1291

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318 m2


The property is located in the centre of Mondoñedo. The house preserves its original medieval architecture. It has 2 floors, and an approximate area of 140 m² on each floor. In addition, it has an extension of 60 m². The front of the house is 12 m long. The property is made of local stone and is currently semi-restored. The roof is new made of slate and the beams, made of laminated spruce, are already in place. The interior of the house is completely empty, and at the back, there is a gallery. It also has windows throughout the house.










The Area

The welcoming town of Mondoñedo, once the capital of Galicia, has a lot to offer; rural landscapes, medieval architecture, manor houses full of history, and a breath of fresh air.

It is also an important stop for pilgrims from all over the world, who make their way through “El Camino de Santiago” along this Jacobean route, an important route.

In the heart of the city, close to the seminary, is this spectacular semi-restored house, very close to Camino del Norte. It is not only an ideal rural town house in which to live in peace and harmony  but also an perfect place to set up a tourism business. As it is in an ideal place for pilgrims.

It has large frontage which makes the property a multipurpose location, both because of its posibilities and its capacity for use and enjoyment of the buyer. Due to its size and location, it would be the ideal place to establish a hostel for pilgrims.

The town has  many visitors and will continue to do so, as the number of annual pilgrims grows each year. This is due, among other things, to the seminary and the historic square with the cathedral, which are two of its main international attractions.

Whether just for living, doing business, or both, Mondoñedo will provide you with what you need.


The House

The property is located in the centre of Mondoñedo, is the most important town in the Mariña Lucense. The house preserves it´s original medieval architecture. The sreet leading to it is quiet, exactly what anyone would look for when seeking peace and relaxation.

The house has 2 floors and has an approximate area of 140 m² on each floor. In addition, it has a 60 m2 loft. The frontage of the house is 12 m long.

The property is made of local stone, as well as the rest of the construction. It is currently semi-restored, with part of the work already done. It is large and spacious, being open plan, which allows one  to divide it at their convenience, either for a personal home, or a rural tourism business, for example.

The roof is made of slate, completely new. In addition, the floor beams are already in place. They are made of laminated spruce.


Sale exclusively through Galician Country Homes.

Additional information

State of repair

To restore


Close to the coast


3 floors

Property type

Posible hotel/albergue


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