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Mondoñedo. Historic house in the centre. 1121

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214 m2


Álvaro Cunqueiro, a famous writer and journalist native of Mondoñedo, lived in this historic town building. Materials and details: pink marble on the facade. Black and white marble floor. All in stone and wood. Four floors plus attic. The surface is 417 m2. Garden-garden of 214 m2 at the back of the building. Many possibilities of use.


Álvaro Cunqueiro, a famous writer and journalist native of Mondoñedo, lived in this historic town building. Located 20 minutes from the coast, Mondoñedo is the most important population of Mariña Lucense. Its relevance within the Camino de Santiago del Norte has been crucial for centuries. And as a population and region, suffice it to say that -up to 1833- Mondoñedo constituted a province within Galicia outside Lugo.



It is a house with 4 floors lower covered with 417 m2 of surface. This house was built in 1887, as stated in one of its access doors. It was known at the time as “The Palace”, for the quality of the materials used in its construction and its splendid design.

Materials and details: pink marble on the facade. Black and white marble floor. All in stone and wood. It stands out from this house the number of windows it has, all protected with its cons, in perfect condition. As a result, it is a very bright and overlooking house. Views of the street, the town, the churches, Mount Paderne, the cathedral, from the different floors; and views of the back of the house, where a garden-orchard is located. The high-rise doors are also impressive.

Between the house and the next one, in the mediation, there is a space in which an elevator could be installed to access the four floors, without affecting the original structure.

The house has no heating: the temperature is uniform in winter and summer, both in August and January, about 20 ° C.


Lay out


Ground floor: we access through an impressive portal, with marble on the floor and wood on the walls, accompanied by white-painted mouldings. Going up two steps, we find the access stairs to the upper floors and a mini lounge with a round table chaired by a large skylight on its top. Looking out to see it, we observe the route of the stairs and its handrail. The view is spectacular. From this room you can access two spaces on the left: one was a shop and the other a woodshed. There are also two doors on the right: one for another store and another for a small storage room. Both shops are accessed from the street.

First floor: up the stairs we reach a distributor landing with three doors. To the right is the living room, with a large chestnut wood table. From this you access a small room. The living room has two balconies and the other room. Both from the living room and from the landing you access the kitchen, with Mondoñedo stone on the floor. A single piece stone stack is the sink. Wood cooker.

From the landing, on the left, you go outside, to the back of the house, where there is a small covered space. From this, through a narrow staircase, you access a garden, or orchard, of rectangular plan, overlooking the rear facade of the house. It has a lemon tree. We also see the mountain and part of the towers of some churches. Very comfortable and attractive to make a place of snack or meeting if you want. This land has 214 m2 surface.

Second floor: arriving at the landing, we find on the right a large bedroom that communicates with another. Both have access to a splendid gallery that runs along the main facade throughout its length. Right in front of the stairs, continuing down a corridor and descending two steps, we have the bathroom. From the landing, you access another small room with a heater, and another room, overlooking the back of the house and the staircase that goes up to the garden.

Third floor: to the right of the landing that is hit by the stairs, we have a door and a corridor that leads to the gallery on the third floor, with the same characteristics as the ground floor. Through this hall, you can access two bedrooms, one on each side, and both with access to the gallery. From the landing, you access to a huge bathroom, with two bathtubs, and very bright. On the left from the landing, you access another room, overlooking the garden of the house.

Undercover: here we have a room with a sink and two small bedrooms, one of them is accessed from the other.

This magnificent building can be used as a majestic home or be transformed into a small charming hotel or a luxurious hostel for pilgrims who travel the Camino de Santiago de Norte.

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2 bathrooms


More than 8 bedrooms

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Lumber room


4 floors

Living rooms

More than 4 living/dining rooms

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Urban house


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