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Pazo(Palace) in the centre of Pontevedra17th century . 1207

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1.4862 ha

Pontevedra city centre. Main building, 675 m2. Land, 14,862 m2. Auxiliary buildings, vineyard, winery, stables, chapel… Historical.


A country palace, a fascinating garden, a chapel… And four hundred years of history

A truly unique opportunity

This unique jewel was built in the 17th century, when it was located in the surroundings of the city of Pontevedra. The city grew in these four centuries, and today the Pazo de La Parda is situated in a perfect enclave.

Next to the estuary and in the heart of the city. Close to the airports; but without losing the peace of a quiet city. These are the contrasts that make Pontevedra a unique city. Vigo, 28 km away, and Santiago de Compostela, 43 km away, are the closest international airports to Pontevedra. Moreover, the location between these two cities, places it in the nerve centre of Galicia: business, trade, culture and administration. And thinking about leisure, beaches 12 minutes away, three golf courses nearby, casinos… Everything to make meetings or corporate events a complete success.


Space and aesthetics, a unique investment


A main building of 675 m2 and a private romantic park of 14,862 m2, in the centre of Pontevedra

We crossed a large stone gate with two lions on either side of the family coats of arms, impressive. From there, the walk opens up, flanked by leafy magnolia trees, until we see the Pazo de La Parda with a fountain in the centre of the small square that structures the garden.

Between these trees, flowerbeds and fountains the Council of Ministers of King Alfonso XIII once walked, and here part of the history of that exciting moment in the country was decided. It has always been the home of a family with ancient Galician roots that had great political influence in the region. A stone located in a secluded fountain on the estate is dated 1620, testifying to the great antiquity of the property.

The atmosphere and perfect decoration are already in place. And the space: 14,862 m2 to house whatever you want. From an incomparable home, to a very special hotel, a high level business centre or even an institutional building.

The large main building, in granite stone, has two floors and a robust crenellated tower. A generous layout: 12 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, dining room, living room, lounge with gallery or sun room, office, library, a large office and a beautiful kitchen. In addition, there is a wine press, a wine cellar and an external garage of 30 m2. The approximate area of this building is 675 m2.

A unique property due to the possibilities offered by both its strategic location and its state of conservation. Everything fits in this exceptional urban space with possibilities for the world of business, leisure or simply to enjoy a lifestyle from another era in the 21st century.



In addition, another house, a singular horreo and the chapel


These architectural elements and their inclusion in a property, declare its unique character of pazo

The Galician manor houses used to have these independent buildings to accommodate the house guards, the landlords. This one is made of mortar and stone, Portuguese style. It has 150 m2. And also stables, a barn and a warehouse. And a rarity: because of its size and construction, it is one of the few examples of Galician hórreos (typical Galician granary) of this type that exist. Supported by 12 stone pillars, it stands on a warehouse, aligned with the pazo and the wonderful stone chapel.


The chapel turns a stately home into a pazo (manor house). This one of the Pazo de La Parda, in Pontevedra, has a semi-public character. There is worship every Sunday, there are weddings, but the property decides. And the accesses are independent. The public from the street, the owners from the interior of the pazo. It has capacity for about 40 people, 85 m2 approximately.


The Malvar brothers, deans of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, had the Pazo de La Parda built. It was the beginning of the 17th century. Specifically, in the spring of 1616, Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, two authors who represent the best of universal literature, died. What would Pontevedra be like at that time? Can you imagine? Today, Pontevedra is a modern city, although it is still a stately city that discharges its activity into the giant of Vigo. And it can afford to keep its spirit of “provincial capital of all life” in many corners, without the stress of a big city.


Pontevedra, from the 17th to the 21st century, in minutes

The pazo of La Parda is located in the capital of the province of Pontevedra, in the bisectory formed by the roads of Orense and Vigo. It is a five minute walk from the railway station (and very soon the AVE, the high speed train). 20 minutes from the city centre, also on foot. And 400 metres from exit 132-B of the Vigo-Pontevedra-Santiago Highway, where, depending on the direction you choose, you will fly from any of its international airports to the rest of the world.


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More than 6 bathrooms


More than 8 bedrooms

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Close to the coast


Horreo, Lumber room, Wine cellar

Land plot

More than 10.000 m2 land plot


3 floors

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More than 4 living/dining rooms

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