A living and wild being that represents the quality, the life of those waters: the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). And it not only represents it, but is a perfect scientific indicator of the level of purity of the rivers by which it come up, coming from the sea to spawn. Including Galician rivers, like Eo River a natural border between Galicia and Asturias. This photograph, taken on last day of 2016, shows a dozen salmon going upstream in River Eo as it passes though Pontenova, Lugo.  This means that the kings of the river are back, as every year, in the most salmon populated river in Galicia. More and more obstacles in their way to higher parts of the river are being removed. Every year, there are more fishermen putting them back alive into the water after a hard, wild and fantastic fight… They deserve life because they are the authentic water and life keepers. © Main photo: Carlos Gavino/La Voz de Galicia


Salmon pass in River Eo. ©



Pablo Pescarmona

Fly Fishing World champion, Pablo Castro, in River Eo. ©