C/Jose Pardo, 25
27370 Rabade (Lugo)

John and Ann Smith


We met Mark a year ago when we first moved to Spain, having purchased a large house here in Galicia. As we couldn’t speak Spanish we were trying to buy gas heaters and bottles without papers (impossible).

The shop owner went to the phone called Mark and the next thing we knew we were walking out of the shop with the heaters and the knowledge that someone else spoke English. Mark invited us to his home, and we were pleased to accept. 

We didn’t buy our house through Mark and we were suprised to find that he was very helpful and has helped us in many ways like getting our N.I.E numbers sorted out and telling us where to get any materials etc.

He has always been a phone call away and if not available has always returned our call.

Now we have decided that we don’t want such a big house with 6000m2 of land, we have asked Mark to sell it and find us something smaller.

He says he can and if he says he can then rest assured that it will happen as most things do when he is involved so


John and Ann Smith.