C/Jose Pardo, 25
27370 Rabade (Lugo)

More than a customer

Rosy TED Mondonedo


“I don’t want this hard year that most of us have suffered to end without thanks,
whom I consider at this point a good friend: Rosy Costoya.
I met Rosy through a friend of my mother’s who recommended her real estate agency to
sell a property we had in Lugo and had been trying to sell for some time, with
unsuccessful results ….
Now “a posteriori” I have understood why we didn’t sell it…, as everything in life has to
finding the right professional and the right person, and that for me was Rosy in Capitals!
There are many real estate agencies and people I had already contacted and dealt with
previously, but I can say that nothing to do with Rosy, she is at “another level”, difficult to find
today, not only for her worth as a professional but also as a person, this was what
conquered me to entrust her with my mother’s property. Since the first contact,
I knew she was the one who would sell it … no mistake.
So thanks again Rosy, I will always be grateful for the great work and dedication
you had for me and especially for my mother in the sale of our property.
Keep it up and please don’t change!”


Amalia Conde