Galician Country Homes: rural, rustic and coastal properties.
Galician Country Homes: rural, rustic and coastal properties
Galician Country Homes: rural, rustic and coastal properties.

Galician Country Homes - the most dynamic company for people wanting to buy property in Galicia, with the largest selection of properties at the best prices

What are dreams made of?

Whether you are searching for a coastal, inland property, holiday property or a business providing rural B+B’s, you should consider Galicia.
There is an English Estate Agency in Galicia whose owner has been there for thirty nine years. He is the only English estate agent in Galicia. Whatsmore he knows the country and countryside properties like the palm of his hand, having worked in rural areas all his life. His name is Mark Adkinson, he lives in a lovely house that he and his wife bought as a ruin and restored completely themselves. You can see it in the section “where we live”. As far as we know Mark is the only person with rural property for sale that actually lives in a rural house, (many agents live in high rise) and certainly the only person who has actually done ALL the restoration on his own house. Mark specializes in renovation properties.

Mark says that if an agent is proud of what he does he shouldn’t hide behind a website but should come through as a real person

Galician Country Homes  doesn’t work with overseas agents who have never seen this area.

Cheap properties do exist in Galicia, but Mark doesn't want cheap and nasty!

One should think of economical properties.

Mark speaks several languages amongst them Gallego, he knows the locals, their customs and how they work. When it comes down to property finding –he says he refuses more properties than he puts on the web, he prefers to have less property for sale but better than his competitors. 

If you want a modern flat built into an old house Mark says it can be done (through gritted teeth), but it isn’t the style that suits old stone houses. Many so called restorers just daub cement on and consider the house “restored”. Mark says that you should bring out the character in a house when restoring and invites you to come and see how he and his wife did their house, when you do you will see how comfortable a 150 year old house can be.


Take a look at “what our clients say”-
Before starting a search for properties in this region take a look at the comments that our clients send us to publish on the comments page. That is Galician Country Homes biggest asset – their satisfied clients.

 Mark has rural, rustic and coastal properties throughout Galicia and he’s a specialist at property finding; properties come to him because of the way he works with the locals. He finds that he doesn’t have to search for properties they come in on their own, allowing him to pick and choose.


 “We are lifestyle managers, we sell to real people and they end up as our friends”.

Mark says that the most important thing as far as he is concerned is:
to be straight with the clients, tell them the whole truth and follow up the sale with an after sales service second to none.

    He considers himself not only a salesman of real estate and houses for sale but also a lifestyle manager- many people arrive in Galicia with very little or no knowledge of Spanish and certainly no knowledge of Gallego as the local language is called. He gives a total backup for all their needs, he knows just how much it takes to learn a language and integrate.
When you buy a property the first thing he does is go with you and buy a phone and put his number in as a cheap number after that whenever you are stuck for words or have a problem; he’s on the other end of the phone to translate or even smooth things out for you

    After 42 years in Spain Mark gives you the opportunity to have a guide, interpreter, property finder and restoration controller all rolled into one.    He knows Galicia : or as it is sometimes misspelled Galithia better than most of the locals, he knows most of the villages and many people associated to inland Spanish property.    Mark will be with you every step of the way beginning with your visit to this website, through seeing, buying and later after moving in solving all and every problem that could occur.


 Galicia is an up and coming market still unknown but getting more and more known all the time and real estate in Galicia will be a great investment.



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English Spanish Galician Country Homes: rural, rustic and coastal properties
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Galician Country Homes Galician Country Homes sells rustic, rural and coastal properties throughout Galicia, Northwest Spain
Galician Country Homes: rural, rustic and coastal properties
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