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About us

Galician Country Homes is a family orientated business created to give a sales and related services of rustic properties throughout Galicia.

The North West of Spain and more specifically Galicia is a paradise forthose who love peace and a different lifestyle, and live authentically in rural communities. Definitely a way of life closer to its natural origins, living in stone houses as years ago. Really the restoration of old houses is not excessively expensive, The walls are normally sound and this makes the restoration much easier.

Mark Adkinson the owner has lived in Galicia for over forty years. He and his wife Rosi have restored their own house themselves (nobody else took part).

Mark works in rural Galicia for the last few decades directly in contact with its people and culture. He now feels to be completely Galego. He speaks several languages including Galego (with a slight Manchester accent…) So you have the opportunity to have a guide, somebody who will help you find your future home, a friendly expert to help to control the restoration of your houses and certainly a friend in the future.

What is more Mark is very well known in Galicia for the battle that he is putting up in favor of the Galician ecology as the President of AEMS (Rivers with Life Galicia) an association that won the National Ecology Prize for its defense of the Spanish rivers and their flora and fauna.

BUILD 2018 Award

Galician Country Homes

Best Family-Owned Residential State Agency – Spain

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What we offer

Galician Country Homes (www.galicianrustic.com) will find your dream house in rural Galicia. We can find you accommodation and take you to see the houses that you wish to see, etc. Whenever possible we will help you ask for subventions, etc. to fix up or to restore your houses. If you need a project we have architects and technical services collaborating...

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Why Galicia

Investing in Galicia today is investing in a healthier future, life quality, tranquility and welfare. Galicia is booming, the climate has changed in recent years to the point that Galicia has no longer winters that it once had, and summers are warm without being too hot now. In Galicia it sometimes seems that time stops: lying in a field of...

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Where we live

This is our house in Rábade, Lugo. When we bought it several years ago, it was a complete ruin; many properties in rural Galicia are in a similar state. It took twenty months, but we did all the work on the house ourselves, so we know exactly how much work goes into a restoration project, how much it really costs, how long it...

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You'll never walk alone

We will always be there to assist you. Before and after buying, we will be available to suggest solutions to any problems… And many times even if you don’t buy from us. We don’t understand service in a different way. And we are proud to be able to mark the difference with others.

Where can I find some good, cheap and nice curtains…? Who can fix these windows without costing a fortune? What can I offer my hotel clients if I set it up in this area? How and with whom can I contract Internet? Can I find somebody trustworthy to help with cleaning? If I need more land, what would be the normal price? …

Not everything starts and ends in a notary with a signature. We are there before and afterwards to hold your hand. You’ll never walk alone.


What our customers say

The difference between our recommendations and others is quite simply: our clients DO EXIST and are willing to give emails, phone numbers, etc. Please feel free to contact them if you have any doubts about the veracity of what is written here. 

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Mark Adkinson

Owner / Founder

Mark didn’t want to set up just another estate agency...

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Galician, active, restless and efficient. A specialist in organizing and...